I like holding hands, and things that

make me laugh, feel pretty and junk.

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the most important thing on this enitre website

I will never ever get over this and I need to learn every word


“I wonder what the guilt is like to know you fooled around on your girl just hours after visiting her home to have her mom cut your hair?”

“who’s it more embarrassing for when you find out 2 years down the road your partner was messing with other girls? them cause they lost a loyal one or you cause you believed them?”

“it doesn’t matter if you’re the most beautiful person in the world, if no one see’s the beauty inside you, in your actions, and in your heart, all that outside beauty means absolutely nothing”


u guys remember when mr krabs popped a huge molly?image

“I’m not a glass half-full kind of person, so this is literally mentally exhausting me to look on the bright side.”


when he asks for nudes but you’re not in the mood